Foster Kinship.


When children can’t be with their parents, they should be with their family. Foster Kinship was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2011 by Alison Caliendo. As a foster/adoptive parent, she has the desire to help the 32,000 children in Nevada living with relative caregivers, also known as kinship care. Foster Kinship was founded with a mission to “strengthen the kinship caregivers’ capacity to provide safe, permanent, and nurturing homes for children.”

Nationally recognized, Foster Kinship is the only non-profit organization in Nevada exclusively serving kinship children and families. Since its inception, Foster Kinship has proudly served over 6,000 children and 3,000 kinship families across Southern Nevada. In 2019 Foster Kinship expanded Kinship Navigator Program services to the entire state. 

Foster Kinship provides two free programs for kinship caregivers: Kinship Navigator  Services and Child Welfare Training.

Foster Kinship also advocates for all kinship families to receive access to services and improved caregiving options through training, partnerships and advocacy.

By helping to “keep home in the family” for these vulnerable children, Foster Kinship envisions a safe and healthy childhood for ALL children in kinship care.


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