Foster Kinship.

Foster Kinship Executive Director Interviewed on Shameless Mom Academy

Foster Kinship Executive Director Interviewed on Shameless Mom Academy

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Ali is a tireless advocate for children and families, focusing on kinship, foster and adoptive families. She launched, funded and currently serves as the Executive Director of Foster Kinship, a non-profit organization devoted to the support of kinship families. She founded Foster Kinship to provide much-needed resources and peer-to-peer support for the dedicated individuals working tirelessly to raise their relative’s children, keeping these children both connected to family and safe from harm.

A licensed foster and adoptive parent herself, Ali is a frequent contributor to the local, state and national conversation on kinship and foster care.  Ali is completing a Ph.D. in Public Affairs at UNLV and holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Systems Renewal (OSR) from Seattle University, specializing in family systems and systemic trauma and healing, organizational consulting and group facilitation. Ali currently resides in Las Vegas with her husband and 5-year-old son.

Ali always knew she wanted to mother through adoption.  She also felt a tremendous professional pull toward serving children and families who have experienced trauma.  Ali has so beautifully pursued her personal and professional dreams in order to impact the lives of over 4,000 children in the last 6 years, while building a family with her husband and son, Anthony.

Listen in to hear Ali share:

  • What is kinship care and why does it need more dramatically more support and resources
  • How to find resources and connections for kinship care in your area
  • 10 questions that ID if a child is at risk for mental health/physical challenges later in life
  • Things to consider if you’re thinking of starting a non-profit
  • The beauty of imperfect action and why you shouldn’t wait until you know it all to build something you’re passionate about
  • The power of the highs and lows of fostering and adoption

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