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Child Welfare Training

Program Summary

The Child Welfare Training Program includes new caregiver information sessions, kinship licensing classes, car seat safety classes, CPR classes, and QPI online training for kinship families involved with Clark County Department of Family Services. All trainings are designed to increase the safety, stability, and nurturing capacity of kinship families.

Kinship Information Sessions

Accurate information early on will allow kinship caregivers working with the child welfare system to make the best decisions for their family at the right time!

Kinship Information Sessions are held twice a month for those who have recently received a relative placement through the Clark County Department of Family Services (DFS). Sessions cover information on the Kinship Care Road Map, the kinship licensing process, child-only TANF, Foster Kinship Navigation Services, and community resources for kin families. The 90-minute sessions are free and include time for questions. Register here.

  • The 1st Saturday of each month at 2:30 PM in the Red Rock Room at 701K N Pecos, 89101 (Child Haven Campus).
  • The 3rd Monday of each month at 6 PM in the Carson City Room at 121 MLK Blvd, 89106 (Central Campus).

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Kinship Care Road Map

The Kinship Care Roadmap is designed to give new kinship caregivers with Clark County, NV  Department of Family Services a clear and straightforward overview of the decisions they have control over and provides necessary information on financial and legal differences so they can make the best choices for their family at the right time. It also outlines the rights and responsibilities of working with the child welfare system and the court timelines. For an overview of the Road Map, please attend a Kinship Information Session. Download a copy of the Kinship Care Road Map: 2015-07-21 – DFS Kinship Roadmap Brochure

Watch the Kinship Orientation Session Online

Kinship Licensing Training

Foster Kinship facilitates the kinship licensing training classes “Caring for Our Own” for the Department of Family Services. The five required classes are three hours long and taken over five weeks for a total of 15 hours. Classes are held at the Foster Kinship offices located at 4344 W Cheyenne, 89032. Childcare can be provided. Registration must be done through by your DFS kinship licensing, ICPC, or adoption worker. Call the DFS Kinship Licensing Training Unit at (702) 455-7400 to get started. 

Car Seat and CPR/First Aid Education Classes

Each class is offered three times a month and is free for kinship caregivers who have an open case with CPS. To register, call 702-546-9988. Resources discussed during the Car Seat Safety Class can be accessed here.

In partnership with Foster Change, we also offer classes for foster parents and kinship caregivers who are not going through the licensing process once a month. 

QPI Online Training

As part of the licensing and relicensing process with DFS, there are required online trainings. Foster Kinship offers study guides and can assist those caregivers who do not have access to computers. Click here for more information on the required classes and study guides. To schedule time to watch the training at our office, please call (702) 546-9988. We also offer classroom viewings of the QPI Emergency Preparedness and Normalcy Training with free childcare. Please view the calendar below to see the upcoming classroom training.

Kinship Foster Parent Binder

As a caregiver of a relative’s child in foster care, documentation is very important. Foster Kinship has created template forms to get your Foster Parent Binder started. We recommend one for each child in foster care.  Click here to download the forms for free. 

Training Calendar