Foster Kinship.

QPI Trainings

QPI Trainings

QPI Trainings

Online QPI trainings are a required part of both your initial licensing process and the re-licensing process. For the complete list of trainings, please visit

FOR FAMILIES CARING FOR CHILDREN IN DFS CUSTODY WHO ARE WORKING ON INITIAL LICENSING: In addition to the 15 hours of in class training at Foster Kinship, the CPR class, and car seat class if you have children 6 and under, you also need to take TWO online trainings to complete your license- Clark County Emergency Preparedness and Normalcy- Let Kids Be Kids:

Are you Ready_ Emergency Preparedness Study Guide

Normalcy – Let Kids be Kids Study Guide

FOR FAMILIES CARING FOR CHILDREN IN DFS CUSTODY WHO ARE ALREADY LICENSED ONLY.  You will need to watch: Effective Discipline, Developmental Web, and Trauma and the Effects on Children in Foster Care. You need a TOTAL of 12 hours a year to maintain your license after the first year, so these required classes are not enough, but you must have them.

Effective Discipline Study Guide

The Developmental Web

Trauma and the Impact of Trauma on Children in FC